What Animals Eat Lobsters?

animals-eat-lobsters Credit: Tom Thai/CC-BY-2.0

According to the St. Lawrence Global Observatory, some animals that eat lobsters are the sculpin, wolffish, cod, skate, tench, flounder, monkfish, dogfish, cunner and ocean pout. However, these fish only feed on lobsters when they are young. Grown lobsters have more defenses, and the biggest predator is humans and octopuses.

Lobsters are more vulnerable when they are small and are fed on by many different kinds of fish. Mature lobsters have more defenses against ocean predators, making their biggest danger mankind. For instance, lobsters have several adaptations that protect them. One of their greatest weapons is their claws. Octopuses are partial to spiny lobsters, so in defense, these lobsters bed down close to moray eels, which are the natural predators of octopuses.

Although lobsters are prey to some animals, they are also predators in their own right. They eat a wide range of food, from plants to fish and shellfish. Their claws are not only a weapon of defense but one of offense as well. They use their claws to pry open the shells of snails, sea urchins and clams. They also feed on rock crab and sand shrimp. Some lobsters are even scavengers and feed on carrion, which is the dead bodies of fish or animals, like whales.