What Animals Eat Grasshoppers?


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Grasshoppers are frequently eaten by birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, rodents, foxes, bats and other insects. Grasshoppers live on every continent except Antarctica and are abundant in grassy habitats, such as forests, making them vulnerable to bugs and animals of various sizes.

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As herbivores, grasshoppers spend much of their time grazing and searching for flowers, seeds, leaves and stems to eat. Their bright green bodies help them blend in with foliage. Some species deliberately consume toxins in their diets, producing vibrant coloring that warns potential predators to find tastier prey elsewhere.

While foraging or hiding near meadows and grassy marshes, grasshoppers are often hunted by larger insects, including praying mantises, dragonflies, crickets and yellow jackets. A wide range of birds, including blackbirds, hawks and blue jays, can also swoop in and catch grasshoppers. During their own grazing, chickens and wild turkeys may snatch up unsuspecting insects. Grasshoppers can even be swallowed up by large fish, such as bass, when traveling close to the water's edge.

Depending on their geographical location, grasshoppers may be eaten by local rodents and small and medium-sized mammals, including raccoons, shrews and opossums. Grasshoppers under attack may use their long, springy legs to leap away from predators, while species with strong wings can try to fly away.

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