What Are Some Animals That Eat Cactus?

animals-eat-cactus Credit: Jonathan Kriz/CC-BY 2.0

Some of the animals that eat cactus include the pack rat, pocket mouse, Gila woodpecker and the long-nosed bat. One cactus — the Saguaro cactus — has a smooth and waxy skin that is covered with 2-inch spikes; the different areas providing sustenance for different animals.

The Saguaro cactus has a blooming flower with nectar that bees and butterflies drink. In early summer, the cactus will produce creamy white flowers that can measure up to 3 inches in width. The Gila woodpecker uses the Saguaro cactus as a source of water and as a place to nests. By pecking a few holes in the cactus, the woodpecker can determine whether or not to live in it.