What Animals Eat Beetles?

animals-eat-beetles Credit: Dendroica cerulea/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

The aye-aye is a lemur that eats beetles. It uses long, thin fingers and sharp teeth to gnaw through tree bark to find beetles, insect larvae, nuts, seeds and fungi. The yellow-naped woodpecker catches flying beetles in midair and forages for them in the underbrush. The panther chameleon, gecko and Gray's monitor are lizards that eat beetles. Bats and rats also eat beetles of all sizes.

The aye-aye locates beetles and other insect prey by tapping on tree trunks to listen for echoes. It eats any beetle it finds, from the tiny featherwing beetle to the mighty Hercules beetle. The red-eyed tree frog and Pacman frog lie in wait for beetles in the water when the insects come to drink. However, beetles eat the frogs when they are young and small.

The pink-toe tarantula spider eats beetles that climb up trees. Other invertebrates, like large centipedes, scorpions and praying mantises also eat beetles in the treetops. These insects only do this when they are adults, because beetles prey on their larvae and smaller insects.

In hot regions, beetles burrow underground to escape the heat. In this subterranean lair, more danger awaits from large spiders and underground insects. The deadliest spider to the beetle in these regions is the brown recluse spider.