What Animals Eat the Arctic Fox?

Animals that eat the arctic fox include polar bears, wolves and eagles. Wolves present a great danger to arctic foxes by digging up fox dens in order to feed on the young pups.

Polar bears are one of the most dangerous predators in the region, feeding on seals, whales and even arctic foxes when food is scarce. Although polar bears can be a danger to the fox, the fox sometimes follows polar bears when it is especially desperate for food. It waits for the polar bear to hunt down a seal or other prey and eat its fill. After the polar bear leaves, the fox approaches and finishes any leftovers.

The arctic fox has developed certain adaptations to escape predators. For instance, it grows a luxurious white coat during the winter that helps it to blend in with the snow habitat and hide from predators. Furthermore, this camouflage helps the fox to stalk its own prey. It feeds largely on lemmings, voles and insects. During desperate times, it has even been known to eat berries and leftover vegetables.

Although humans do not eat the arctic fox, some hunt the fox for its luxurious coat. The population in certain areas is low due to this over-hunting.