What Animals Are in Australia?


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Because of its unique climate, size and ecosystems, Australia is home to an enormous variety of unique and diverse types of animals. These include many unusual mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and other animals that are only found in the wild in Australia. The country is also famous for its many marsupials, such as koalas, a large array of wallaby species, and kangaroos with varying physical characteristics.

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What Animals Are in Australia?
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Some of Australia's famous and unique mammals include wild dogs, referred to as dingos. These are the largest carnivorous mammals on the continent. Along with dingos, Australia is home to such mammals as Tasmanian devils and numbats. Australia even houses a subset of egg-laying mammals known as monotremes. Some examples of monotremes include echidnas and platypuses, which are found in burrows situated near rivers.

Australia also has hundreds of species of birds. These birds run the spectrum from tiny to enormous, and some, like the large emu, are not even able to fly. Along with these birds, Australia has many different types of reptiles. Many people are familiar with the fact that Australia has numerous crocodiles, snakes and turtles. These are often accompanied by Australia's unique marine life, including many types of sharks and whales.

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