What Are Animal-Like Protists Called?


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Animal-like protists are called protozoans. Protozoans are uni-cellular organisms that are heterotrophic. There are different types of protozoans that are classified according to their movement type.

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Protozoans can be flagellates or ciliates such as trypanosoma or the paramecium, respectively. The amoeba, another protozoan, moves through its pseudopod that is a foot-like protrusion from its cell. The pseudopod also aids in capturing food or prey. Another type of protozoa is the sporozoan; this organism is not motile, but it is parasitic and can live in a host. The plasmodium, which causes malaria, is a sporozoan.

Besides animal-like protists, there are plant-like and fungi-like protists. Sea weed and algae are plant-like protists that are autotrophs. Fungi types of protists are slime molds.

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