What Are Some Animal Facts for Kids?


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A leopard's tail is as long as its entire body. This helps the leopard maintain balance and make turns more quickly. The leopard is a fast, solitary mammal that reaches speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Birds and dinosaurs are the alligator's closest relatives. These reptiles have been around since dinosaurs were alive 240 million years ago.

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Dolphins are believed to be one of the smartest animals on the planet after humans. Dolphins are playful and have been known to interact with humans in the wild. Humans often see them jumping out of the water and playing games. Dolphins travel in schools of up to 12 and communicate by making clicking and whistling sounds. These mammals use echolocation to find things, and they also have great eyesight and hearing.

Another animal that uses echolocation is the bat. Bats come in many different shapes and sizes. One type of bat, known as the bumblebee bat, is so small that it weighs less than a penny. The largest bat has an impressive wingspan of about 6 feet. Bats, which are the only known mammals that fly, provide numerous ecological benefits because of this ability, such as spreading seeds, which helps with reforestation.

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