What Is an Anatomy Tutorial?

What Is an Anatomy Tutorial?

An anatomy tutorial is a learning tool that helps students understand and retain anatomy terms and concepts. A comprehensive tutorial will present the material in different formats including interactive animations, question and answer sections, videos, self-tests, diagrams and learning games.

Anatomy courses cover a lot of material in a short period of time, and students are challenged to retain most of the information presented. A typical one semester human anatomy course may cover cellular, skeletal, respiratory, excretory, muscular, digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems in great detail. Tutorials can help students understand how the different anatomical systems work together.

Tutorials are useful supplements for instructor-led, self-paced, introductory or review courses. There are many online resources from trusted sources that cover basic human anatomy all the way to advanced topics for medical students, such as neuroanatomy.

University, medical school and teaching hospital websites are good sources for accurate and detailed anatomy tutorials. Instructors, who have seen students struggle to retain vast amounts of detailed anatomy content, often create tutorials for specific topics in their anatomy courses to help students. Textbook publishers also include links to supplementary resources in their textbooks and on the textbooks' websites.

Since an in-depth, working knowledge of anatomy is expected from professionals working in the health sciences, marine biology and veterinary fields, basic and advanced anatomy courses are part of the curriculum in those academic programs. For these professions, anatomy is not a subject that can be studied, regurgitated for an exam and then forgotten.