How Do You Find an Anatomy Diagram of a Foot Tendon?


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Diagrams of each tendon in the human foot can be found on NorthcoastFootCare.com by clicking the Foot Anatomy tab at the top of the page, then clicking the link on the left side that reads Foot Anatomy: Tendons and Ligaments. The diagrams are clear, detailed and colored.

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The page is split up into easily distinguished sections based on the group of tendons. The sections are Extensor Foot Tendons, Peroneal Tendons, Flexor Tendons, and Achilles Tendons. Each section contains a separate diagram of an angle of the human foot where the group of tendons is visible. Information regarding the location, size, and use of each tendon is given in its section. The page also contains information and diagrams of the ligaments of the foot and a link to learn more about human foot anatomy. The information on this page is very easily understood. This information is geared toward the public and not limited to the medical community, so it does not contain an overwhelming amount of medical jargon. The Northcoast Footcare website also has many helpful links in its sidebar pertaining to foot care. Among them are links to pages with detailed information on topics such as foot care tips, foot pain, foot fungus, warts and proper foot protection.

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