How Does an Amoeba Obtain Food?

How Does an Amoeba Obtain Food?

An amoeba uses its pseudopod to stretch out and reach food while surrounding it and pulling it back into the rest of the amoeba. The main components of an amoeba's diet are bacteria and algae.

The pseudopod us one of the most important aspects to an amoeba. It helps the amoeba move, feed itself and reach anything that it needs to reach. Pseudopod literally means fake foot, and this foot does nearly everything that the amoeba needs to do. It is the lifeblood of the amoeba.

Amoebas will eat small amounts of anything, although they generally focus on bacteria and algae, they will occasionally eat small amounts of animal waste. It is not common for them to eat anything other than these substances because they spend the majority of their lives attached to plants.

All species of amoeba are generally found near some type of water. Whether it is in a lake, in streams, in rivers or near the ocean, they will inhabit the area. They can also be found in the stomachs and other body parts of certain animals.

Amoebas generally travel in colonies. They link together and travel through the water where they will float while looking for algae and bacteria. Even with hundreds of amoeba linked together, it is still impossible for humans to see them without the use of a microscope.