What Is Ammonia Used for Today?

Ammonia is a chemical commonly used in industrial and agricultural applications such as cleaning agents, fertilizers and water treatment. It is found in natural environments and is also industrially produced in vast amounts.

Ammonia is primarily utilized by agricultural industries for its use as a source of essential nitrogen and protein. The nitrogen ammonia contains promotes the growth of vegetation when applied to the soil and may come in the form of liquid ammonia or nitrate salts. Ammonia is also used as a protein supplement in livestock feed and as an anti-fungal agent for fruit and crops.

Ammonia has many industrial uses and is commonly found in cooling agents, as a pH-balancing water treatment and as a stabilizer in rubber products. It may be used in metal treatment and oil-processing equipment as an anti-corrosive and protective agent as well as an aid in extracting metals, such as copper and nickel, from ore. It prevents the development of mold in leather and fur products in the form of curing agents and tanning liquors. Diluted solutions of ammonia are commonly found in household-cleaning products.

Prolonged exposure to ammonia gas or the ingestion of ammonia products may cause severe health issues. All ammonia products should be handled with care to avoid exposure to its potentially dangerous chemical properties.