What Does an Ammeter Measure?

An ammeter is an instrument that is normally used to measure electric current in a given circuit. The instrument is designed in such a way that it can only offer very little resistance in order to avoid compromising the amount of current that is flowing through the circuit in question.

The ammeter measures electric current in the form of Ampere or Amp. It is normally used by breaking a circuit and inserting the various parts of the meter so as to allow the flow of current to pass through. As current flows through the meter, it will indicate the amount of current passing through on an analog scale or a digital screen display. The meter is able to produce accurate results since it acts as part of the circuit or a wire connection.

In the event that the ammeter is placed in a circuit with too much current, it will shut down, causing an end to the flow of current. This is normally achieved by a fuse which blows when there is a current surge. The ammeter then stops working until the fuse is replaced. It is important not to use the instrument in a circuit that has too much current as this may pose the danger of electrocution.