What Is an Alphabetical Listing of All Animals?


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An alphabetical listing of all animals is a catalogue or record of all the creatures of the animal kingdom with their names arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z. This list is updated frequently as more animal species are discovered.

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There are estimated 3 to 30 million animal species that inhabit the Earth. Here are some of the animals listed in alphabetical order: armadillo, bison, coyote, dugong, emu, ferret, Gila monster, hedgehog, iguana, jackal, Komodo dragon, Labrador retriever, Malayan civet, nurse shark, ocelot, pelican, quetzal, red-handed tamarin, Siberian tiger, tapir, uakari, vampire bat, water buffalo, x-ray tetra, yellow-eyed penguin and zebu.

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