What Is Albert Einstein Famous For?

Albert Einstein is prominently known for his theories of relativity and for formulating the famous equation E = mc2, where "E" denotes energy, "m" indicates mass and "c" represent the speed of light. Einstein is less noted for his photoelectric law, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.

Einstein is generally regarded as the greatest mind of the 1900s, with some claiming that Einstein's genius is unprecedented. Although his childhood performance in the German academic institutions he attended was rather poor, Einstein compensated by developing his natural proclivity for mathematics and science. He eventually completed his formal education in Zurich, Switzerland at the Federal Polytechnic Academy.

Einstein's most prolific year in his entire scientific career occurred in 1905, while working at a Swiss patent office. Aside from acquiring an advanced degree from the University of Zurich, Einstein also published four significant theoretical papers. These essays were originally regarded with incredulity and did not gather much support from the scientific community. Einstein's most controversial dissertation, entitled "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies," formed the basis for his theory of relativity. He postulated that the speed of light remains constant for all points of reference, hence motion and time are always relative to the observer. The equation E = mc2, which shows a correlation between energy and matter, was published in another paper and served as an extension of his special theory of relativity. A general theory was later published in 1916.