Is AgCl Soluble in Water?

AgCl is soluble in water at a concentration of 520 micrograms per 100 grams at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a solubility product in water of 1.8 × 10-10, so 1.9 milligrams of silver chloride can dissolve in 1 liter of water.

AgCl dissolves at .0014 grams per liter at 57 degrees Fahrenheit, 0.0016 grams per liter at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, 0.0020 grams per liter at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, 0.0040 grams per liter at 108 degrees Fahrenheit and 0.0218 grams per liter at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Silver chloride is also soluble in ammonia, ammonium chloride, concentrated HCl, concentrated H2SO4, sodium chloride, alkali cyanide, NH4CO3, KBr and sodium thiosulfate. It is not soluble in alcohol or in dilute acids.