What Are the Advantages of Using 12 Volt Electrical Systems?


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Using a 12V electrical system in a car is beneficial as it eases starting of the vehicle and allows the addition of newer 12V accessories to it, explains The Filling Station. Also, 12V electrical systems are less vulnerable to effects of resistance in the wiring loom, says Matchless Clueless.

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With a 12V electrical system installed, starting the vehicle becomes easier as the system offers greater cranking power, according to Restore an Old Car. Since the 12V system offers higher cranking power, it has the capacity to provide the additional compression required to start a vehicle even in the situation where the engine is hot.

Additionally, using newer power accessories such as horns, better batteries, CB and aftermarket radios and amplifier is possible only if a 12V electrical system is installed in the vehicle. Special lighting such as halogen headlights and LED tail lights work only on a 12V electrical system.

Moreover, the 12V electrical system is not as susceptible to resistance effects in the wiring as its 6V counterpart. The amperage load too is approximately halved, which reduces resistive losses even in old and thin wires and losses due to loose and rusty connections and poor quality switches, according to Matchless Clueless.

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