What Are the Advantages of Natural Gas?


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One advantage of natural gas is that it is environmentally friendly due to low emissions. Natural gas produces less smog than other types, including propane.

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What Are the Advantages of Natural Gas?
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As natural gas burns, more than 45 percent less carbon dioxide is released than when coal is burned. Increasing the usage of natural gas throughout the world decreases pollutants, because less toxic particles are put into the atmosphere as it burns.

Another benefit of using natural gas is that it burns hot, which puts off much more heat than other gases. This high level of heat that is given off makes it a good choice for heating homes, heating water and cooking. A large array of household applications can run on natural gas including the majority of major appliances.

An additional advantage of natural gas is that it is safer to store than other forms of gas. Since natural gas is commonly stored deep underground, it is also reliable in the fact that it is rarely interrupted during adverse weather conditions.

As of 2014, natural gas costs nearly half as much per gallon as other fossil fuels. For companies relying on large amounts of gas, converting to an all natural source can save an abundance of money.

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