What Are the Advantages of Methane?

advantages-methane Credit: Auscape / UIG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

One of the key benefits of methane is its potential for use as energy. Methane is classified as a greenhouse gas and is produced naturally and synthetically. Methane, as with many other gases, is prevalent in the atmosphere, which makes it easy to capture and extract, then convert into energy.

According to Wisconsin Public Service, the methane trapped and extracted from the atmosphere and natural sources is converted into biogas, which in turn produces heat and electricity. Capturing methane may provide cheaper sources of electricity, and the extraction process for methane is generally less time and energy intensive than removing coal, oil, and other fossil fuels from underground and offshore. Methane gas is produced naturally by livestock and farm animals, such as horses, cattle, pigs and llamas. In the aggregate, these animals can produce large, useable quantities of methane. This provides an economic benefit to farmers, who may use the methane generated by their animals to provide their own electricity, then sell excess amounts for a profit. This helps reduce pollution from drilling, mining, transportation and burning of non-renewable resources, and reduces atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide too. By collecting biogas, methane is prevented from escaping into the atmosphere, which reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.