What Are the Advantages of Chemical Energy?

advantages-chemical-energy Credit: John Lund/Blend Images/Getty Images

Chemical energy is abundant, easily combustible and has high efficiency. It does have its disadvantages, as it is also sometimes harmful to the environment and humans and tends to be non-renewable.

According to HealthResearchFunding.org, chemical energy is the most widely found and abundant energy source on earth. An example of an abundant chemical energy source is crude oil. This resource comes from chemical processes that happened when dead animals and plants came under intense pressure by the Earth’s crust. Chemical energy is any source that occurs due to a chemical process. Other examples of abundant chemical energy sources on Earth include coal, wood and wax.

Resources that people burn up to create energy are examples of chemical energy sources. Another advantage of chemical energy is that it is easy to use right away. Most chemical sources only require air and an ignition source to work. The efficiency of chemical energy is high as a lot of energy is stored in a small area. The main downsides of chemical energy include the fact that it tends to be non-renewable and has a negative effect on the environment. Crude oil will not last forever since there is only a set amount of it in the Earth’s crust, and it takes a long time to create.