What Does the Adrenal Gland Do?


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The adrenal or suprarenal gland secretes hormones into the bloodstream, says Innerbody. The outer layer of the gland, called the cortex, is yellowish in color and secretes hormones called steroids.

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What Does the Adrenal Gland Do?
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One type are the sex hormones, or gonadocorticoids, according to Healthline. Another type of hormone controls blood sugar. These hormones are called glucocorticoids. The mineralocorticoids control sodium and potassium levels.

The inner layer of the adrenal gland produces two hormones, says Innerbody. This layer produces epinephrine and norepinephrine, says Healthline. These hormones are produced when the body is stressed. Epinephrine is also called adrenaline, and causes the heartbeat to quicken and other effects, says MedicineNet. Norepinephrine does much the same, says About.com.

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