How Do You Adjust a Dishwasher Pressure Switch?


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To adjust a dishwasher pressure switch, first turn off the water and the electricity. Then, remove the dishwasher access panel to access the water heater beneath. Locate the pressure switch, and adjust the switch using a flat-bladed screwdriver, turning it clockwise for less pressure and counterclockwise for more pressure.

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How Do You Adjust a Dishwasher Pressure Switch?
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When deactivating the water and electricity for a dishwasher, find the spigot handle to turn off the water line to the dishwasher, and unplug the dishwasher when you pull it out. It is possible to turn off the power by turning off the kitchen breaker or the dishwasher's own breaker if it has one.

Pulling the dishwasher out is required in order to reach the access panel. This panel is located on the rear of the dishwasher. The water heater inside looks like a long tube attached to a control box. The pressure switch is a pipe or tube that threads into the water heater itself. In order to adjust the pressure switch, you need to remove the cover using a pair of locking pliers by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise motion.

Make sure to adjust the pressure switch only in small increments. Adjusting the switch too quickly may result in leaks.

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