How Does the AcuRite Remote Sensor Work?


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The AcuRite remote weather sensor is a solar-powered weather station that collects and digitizes weather information concerning temperature, wind speed, humidity, wind direction and rainfall. It then broadcasts the data wirelessly so that users can access the information on computers or mobile devices.

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The unit's high-speed anemometer with an optical sensor and precision weather vane accurately tracks changes in wind speed and direction. Solar panels power the unit's internal aspirating fan, which draws in ambient air for accurate temperature reading. The polished rain collection funnel gathers precipitation and guides it into the rain collector for reading. When the rain has stopped, the system empties itself and recalibrates.

The AcuRite weather station collects the same organic data that is used to generate forecasts by the National Weather Service over large regions. This information collection can be deployed in users' backyards to provide accurate local weather details and projections. The system also provides requested text and email alerts for changing weather conditions, which users can share with friends and family along with the full weather data. The AcuLink app and software are free and allow users to compile charts of historical weather patterns.

The company also makes other weather monitoring equipment, including sensors for use inside of the home that read temperature and humidity.

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