How Do You Find Acupuncture Points in the Body?


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The best way to find an acupuncture point is to take a pencil, and using the eraser side, run it down the back of your hand. Any tender spots you find are areas that need help, explains WebMD.

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While these tender points cannot tell you what type of disease you may have, the method helps you find areas of the body that need attention, according to WebMD. Once a tender spot is located on the back of the hand, use the pencil eraser to rub it firmly in a circular motion. Do this for 10 minutes once a day. Nausea, dizziness and a light head may be felt at first, but as you continue to progress, the pain subsides.

Do not worry about finding the wrong point on your hand because there are no fatal problems that can arise from this method. Do be mindful of the pressure you are using, recommends WebMD. Stop or discontinue treatment if you break the skin or find you are too dizzy or nauseous to continue. This therapy is natural and meant to help you feel better holistically. Seek medical attention in any new lifestyle change or in any situation in which you are not comfortable.

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