What Activities Are on the NASA Kids' Club Website?

What Activities Are on the NASA Kids' Club Website?

The NASA Kids' Club website has five levels of games, an art area, and updates of missions and other interesting things that are happening at NASA. The games featured in the website are educational.

A team of NASA educators helped create the games that make up the first stage of the new NASA Kids' Club. These games use "stealth learning" to draw children in, while indirectly educating them in subjects such as mathematics and science.

Each game consists of five levels, and each level is associated with a grade from kindergarten through fourth grade. Based on national standards, the games involve skills befitting each grade level. However, in the Club, the grade levels are not indicated, so children can find the level that's right for them.

Some of the games in the website are "Grab It," "Airplane High Low," "Star Fall," "Flip Time" and "Go to the Head of the Solar System."

"Grab It" involves picking out things that begin with the same letter, which is a kindergarten-level skill. "Airplane High Low" challenges children to guess which number the game's airplane mascot is thinking of. "Star Fall" relies on pattern-recognition skills to clear groups of stars on the board, teaching children astronomy in the process. "Flip Time" is a memory game in which players must match pictures to let an airplane take off. In "Go to the Head of the Solar System," children must choose the planets that best answer a set of questions.