What Are Some Active Satellites or Space Probes?


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Active satellites include the International Space Station and the Norwegian Coastal Administration's AISSat-2 low Earth orbit satellite, while active space probes include NASA's Voyager I and Voyager II probes, as of 2015. Voyager II was launched 16 days before Voyager I and is the longest continuously operated spacecraft.

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The Voyager I probe entered interstellar space in 2012, and it continues to transmit data to Earth. Researchers have recently interpreted data received from Voyager I as providing evidence that the solar system's magnetic field is being distorted by the solar wind beyond the orbit of Pluto.

The International Space Station is owned and operated by the governments of several nations. In December 2015, a new team, called Expedition 46, consisting of three flight engineers, arrived on the station to continue the station's ongoing mission.

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