How Do You Access Free Tesla Coil Plans?


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Many Internet sites, such as Kevin Wilson's Tesla Coil Design, Construction and Operation Guide, and the Tesla Universe site offer materials lists, schematics and instructions for Tesla coil construction. The Tesla Universe site explains the construction of a much safer solid-state version of the coil.

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The Tesla coil is among the most well-known inventions of Nikola Tesla. A Tesla coil is capable of converting the output of a lower voltage transformer to a much higher voltage. Kevin Wilson's Tesla coil instructions result in the construction of a classic Tesla coil with a power source, primary and secondary coils, capacitors and a spark gap. The Tesla Universe site, on the other hand, eliminates the dangerous spark gap component of the Tesla coil and uses smaller, lighter transformers. However, even the safer, solid-state coil poses a risk to individuals with heart problems and is a fire risk.

Tesla coils can achieve voltages of over one million volts, discharging them as electrical arcs. It is possible to light a fluorescent lamp wirelessly by placing it a few inches to 50 feet away from a Tesla coil, depending on the size of the coil. Because the coil is generating an electric field it is even capable of lighting up a previously burned out fluorescent bulb.

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