What Is the Abbreviated Electron Configuration of Lawrencium?

In its shortest form, the electron configuration of Lawrencium is [Rn] 5f14 6d1 7s2. Simplifying any electron configuration requires the knowledge of how an atom's orbital sets are determined.

Atoms can have four orbital sets designated by the letters "s," "p," "d," and "f." Each "s" is a single orbital and can only hold two electrons. A "p" set has three orbitals, meaning it can contain up to five electrons. Every "d" set has five orbitals, giving it the ability to hold as many as ten electrons. The designation "f" is the largest. With seven orbitals, “f" sets have the capacity to hold fourteen electrons.

Lawrencium was synthesized at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. It is named after Ernest Lawrence, the inventor of the cyclotron particle accelerator.