What Is 5 Ounces in Milliliters?

Five U.S. fluid ounces equals 147.87 milliliters. One U.S. fluid ounce equals 29.5735296875 milliliters. The milliliter is a metric unit of measurement that is one-thousandth of a liter.

Since rounding errors can occur, it's always important to check your math when calculating ounce to milliliter conversions. A milliliter is the equivalent of 1 cubic centimeter, and is a non-SI unit that is accepted for use by the International System of Units (SI).The SI-derived unit is the cubic meter for volume. Ounces are used in both the United States and the United Kingdom, though the actual measurements are slightly different. Five U.K. ounces equals 142.07 milliliters after rounding.