What Is 5 Kilometers in Miles?


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Five kilometers is equivalent to 3.1 miles. One kilometer is 0.6214 miles. To convert kilometers to miles, multiply the number of kilometers by the number of miles per kilometer or 0.6214 miles. For example, 5 kilometers x 0.6214 miles per kilometer equals 3.1 miles.

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Another way to convert kilometers to miles is to use the fact that one mile is equivalent to 1.609 kilometers. To convert, divide the number of kilometers by the number of kilometers per mile, which is 1.609 kilometers. For example, 5 kilometers divided by 1.609 kilometers per mile equals 3.1 miles.

Kilometer is the standard unit of measurement for distances worldwide, except for the United Kingdom and the United States of America, which use miles as the standard unit for distance.

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