What Is 4 Cubic Centimeters Equal To?

The U.S. customary measurement equal to 4 cubic centimeters is 0.2441 cubic inches. Other metric measurements equivalent to 4 cubic centimeters include 0.000004 cubic meters, 4 milliliters and 0.004 liters. Another equivalent U.S. customary measurement is 0.0001413 cubic feet.

The cubic centimeter is a measurement of volume in the metric system, commonly seen throughout most of the world but not in the United States. Americans measure the volume of food and beverages in cups, and 4 cubic centimeters is equal to slightly less than 0.017 cup, a very small quantity. Another equivalent of 4 cubic centimeters is 0.8115 teaspoons, which suggests that cubic centimeters are more appropriate units for measuring ingredients used in limited quantities, such as salt, sugar, spices or dried herbs, than meat, vegetables or complete cooked dishes.