What Are 4-Chloro-17a-Methyl-Androst-1 and 4-Diene-3-17b-Diol?


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More properly stated as 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17b-diol, and not as separate compounds, this chemical is the main ingredient in Halovar. Halovar, a clone of a pro-hormone or steroid precursor called Halodrol, builds muscle in the body when ingested.

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Halovar is a stronger version of the pro-hormone supplement Halodrol, which is usually taken orally. When it interacts with certain chemicals in the body, it converts into the steroid, Turinabol. Halovar is reputed to produce an increase in solid, lean muscle and increase strength with very little water retention, which originally made it popular. Halovar also works quickly, producing 8-12 lbs of muscle mass in a 30 day cycle, however, the side effects far outweigh any potential gains in musculature.

Halovar must be taken in high doses to be effective, which makes it toxic to the liver. It can also cause high blood pressure, a change in cholesterol levels, hair loss, an enlarged prostate and acne. It cannot be taken with any pain killers or alcohol. Users of the pro-hormone also noted that after they stopped taking the drug, they lost most of the muscle gained.

Due to the health risks and the fact that it is illegal, Halovar is no longer on the market, though it can still be bought online on certain websites.

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