What Is 37 Degrees Celsius?

Thirty-seven degrees Celsius corresponds to the average normal body temperature in humans. The temperature is equivalent to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. A difference in 1 degree Fahrenheit is normal and expected, but further deviations can be a sign of illness.

Converting between Celsius and Fahrenheit is fairly simple. The temperature in Celsius is multiplied by 1.8, and 32 is added to the result. To convert Fahrenheit back to Celsius, the process is reversed; 32 is subtracted from the temperature, and the result is divided by 1.8. For a general estimate of the conversion, it helps to have a few reference points. The freezing point of water in Celsius is zero degrees, while the same temperature in Fahrenheit is 32. Meanwhile, the boiling point in each scale is 100 and 212 degrees, respectively. A cool room is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 21 degrees Celsius.