How Is a 3-D Model of an Atom Created?

To create a 3-D model of an atom, a student can use wire, wire cutters, fishing line, various colors of marshmallows and bamboo skewers to manufacture the atom. The marshmallows can represent the neutrons, protons and electrons, while various lengths of wire are used to create electron clouds.

Making a 3-D model is simple, requiring few steps.

Step 1: Decide what each marshmallow depicts

Each atom component is a different color. The protons and neutrons are strung together using fishing line to make the nucleus.

Step 2: Use the wire cutters to create the correct amount of electron clouds.

Once all of the electron clouds are present, electrons should be placed into the appropriate cloud.

Step 3: Connect all of the components using bamboo skewers.

The electron clouds are connected so that they surround the nucleus.