What Do 22 Millimeters Equal in Inches?


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22 millimeters equals .86614 inches, just a bit less than a full inch. For comparison, 25.4 millimeters (2.54 centimeters) measures the same as one inch.

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What Do 22 Millimeters Equal in Inches?
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For Americans and others more familiar with English measurements of length than metric, a few conversion factors are helpful: One inch is a hair over 2.5 centimeters (actually 2.54). One yard (traditionally the distance from King Henry I's nose to the end of his outstretched thumb) is approximately the same as a meter (actually 39.37 inches). One mile is about 1.6 kilometers (1.6093 km to be precise). If one is driving in Canada, for instance, and wants to avoid getting nailed for speeding, it would be helpful to know that a speed limit posted at 100 kph converts to a little over 60 mph (actually 62.137 mph).

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