How Is 18 Feet Converted to Meters?


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Convert 18 feet to meters with a simple calculation using the conversion formula of 0.3048 meters = 1 foot. You need to be ready to do some math and can later apply this calculation to any conversion from feet to meters you want to perform.

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  1. Prepare by finding a calculator

    Because this conversion requires multiplication, ensure you are prepared with a calculator that has working batteries. If you prefer to do the calculation by hand, have a pencil and paper nearby.

  2. Find the conversion rate

    To convert feet to meters, use the conversion formula of 0.3048 meters = 1 foot.

  3. Insert your values

    Using the equation meters = feet x 0.3048, 18 feet multiplied by 0.3048 is equal to 5.4864 meters.

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