What Is 100 Milliliters Equal To?


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A volume of 100 milliliters is equal to 3.38 fluid ounces. That same volume is also equal to 0.026 gallons, 0.10 quarts, 0.21 pints, 0.84 gills and 27.05 fluid drams.

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If converting within the metric system, 100 milliliters is converted by an exponential factor of 10 depending on the unit. For example, 100 milliliters is equal to: 0.1 cubic decimeters, 100 cubic centimeters, 100,000 cubic millimeters, 0.1 liter, 1 decoliter and 100,000 microliters. In U.S. cooking measurements, 100 milliliters is equal to: 0.42 cups, 6.76 tablespoons and 20.29 teaspoons. Other U.S. dry measurements find 100 milliliters equal to 0.01 pecks, 0.0028 bushels and 0.00086 barrels. In Japanese measurements, the equivalent of 100 milliliters is 55.44 sai.

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