What Are 10 Facts About Gravity?


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Ten facts regarding gravity starts with the initial set of theories developed by Isaac Newton in 1665 that were supposedly inspired by his observation of a falling apple. Any human or object on the surface of Earth is also constantly being pulled down by gravity.

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There is a gravitational variance around the surface of the Earth. While an object's mass remains constant, it weighs less when measured at the equator than at the North Pole. The difference in weight becomes more varied when it is measured on different planets across the solar system due to a larger difference in gravity levels.

Ocean tides are also generated by the gravitational pulls from both the moon and sun as it interacts with the rotational movement of the Earth. Earth's gravitational pull remains relatively constant at 62 miles above its surface, with a force decrease of around 3 percent.

As of 2014, there are some roller coasters that can exert anywhere between four to six times the gravitational force of the Earth on the body of the riders due to the speed of its movements. Objects that are falling from a higher altitude also have a higher potential energy due to the distance that gravity pulls them from.

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