What Is the Size of a Standard 2 Car Garage?

pnwra/CC-BY 2.0

A standard two car garage is 24 feet wide by 24 feet long. The size of a garage can be adjusted to the homeowner’s needs and can be as small or as large as necessary.

Garages that are intended for two cars are generally attached to a home, but can stand alone if the homeowner prefers. Another reason that homeowners may want to have a standalone garage is if there is not enough space to attach the garage to the side or the front of a home. The work required to create a standalone garage is often much less than the work required to add a garage onto a home.

Standalone garages are often made to match the color scheme of the exterior of the home. They can be made using wood, metal or vinyl siding and can be painted nearly any color that the homeowners want. Many standalone garages can be tailored specifically to fit the exact size of the homeowner’s car, but homeowners should be aware that their garage may no longer work for them if they purchase a new car. Standalone garages have the same security features as garages that are attached to homes.