What Is a Micro Trabecular Fracture?

According to The Institute of Integrative Manual Therapy, micro-trabecular fracture is the medical term for a bone bruise. The Scott and White Memorial Hospital states that micro-trabecular fractures are minute and common in bones that are located close to the skin’s surface.

National Institutes of Health describes micro-trabecular fractures as the result of trauma that creates compressive forces on the bone. Bone bruises typically form within the bone’s spongy interior. Sports injuries, car accidents and falls as common cases of this condition.

The Scott and White Memorial Hospital lists long-lasting pain not typical of a normal bruise, difficulty using the bruised area, discoloration and swelling as symptoms of a micro-trabecular fracture. Since the fractures are so small, X-rays of the affected area appear normal. Micro-trabecular fractures also tend to occur near the knee and ankle, where ligaments and tendons block the minute fractures from view. An MRI is the most effective method of diagnosing a micro-trabecular fracture.

According to The Scott and White Memorial Hospital, bone bruises take weeks to many months to heal fully. It is recommended that patients ice, elevate and rest the affected area. If walking causes pain, the patient may require a plaster or air splint, and crutches to stabilize and remove body weight from the injury.