What Kingdom Does Amoeba Belong To?

Science Photo Library – ERIC GRAVE/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

An amoeba belongs to the kingdom called Protista. Its species is Amoeba proteus. Amoebas are unicellular organisms found mainly at the bottom of water bodies and near decaying vegetation. However, amoebas also exist inside the digestive tracts of some animals and humans.

The amoeba consists of a thin membrane that surrounds various organs, such as the nucleus, contractile vacuole and the fluid called cytoplasm. An amoeba also has a pseudopod, which it uses for mobility and to obtain food. Its food sources include algae, bits of dead plant matter and bacteria. Some predators of amoebas are water fleas and copepods.

Amoebas are important in nature because these organisms help to control green algae growth. However, these organisms also can cause a disease like dysentery.