What Do Humans Need to Survive on Mars?

To survive on Mars, humans need the same things they need on Earth: water, a breathable atmosphere, and food. Mars is a hostile planet, and is currently unable to support human life.

NASA and other agencies have been trying to figure out how to put humans on Mars for many years. The planet has no breathable air, so anyone who tries surviving on the Red Planet must take oxygen with them. The soil will not support crops, and there is no water.

In order for humans to survive on Mars, at least in the beginning, necessities must be delivered from Earth. Scientists have thought of creating an air-tight habitat that would allow settlers of the planet to grow their own food and to live in a breathable environment. A water recycling program must be implemented, as would some type of radiation protection.

The temperatures on Mars will also make it difficult for humans to live there. Although high temperatures can reach a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit, low temperatures can plummet to a bone-chilling -225 F. The planet also has a thin atmosphere that does little to protect it from meteors and comets.