What Are Examples of Everyday Science?

Examples of everyday science include watching bread rise, making carrot cake from real carrots and seeing the way a recipe changes from the original ingredients to the finished product. The most common examples of everyday science lie in normal cooking and baking procedures.

It is important for children as well as adults to recognize the science that is all around them. There are many things that go on in daily life that can be attributed to scientific practices. Watching bread rise is an example of a chemical change that occurs in dough when yeast is activated within the dough. Watching bread bake in an oven is another example of science and the way that the physical properties of the dough can change through the use of high temperatures.

Hand washing is one aspect of cooking that is important but also plays a role in the science field. Germs are microscopic organism that are on every surface. They are on the hands and skin. When soap and warm water are used on the hands, these germs will be eliminated. It is important for children and adults to rid their hands of all of the germs possible before they begin to do any type of cooking.