What Does the Color Silver Symbolize?

Lauren Burke/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Silver is considered to be a feminine, lunar, peaceful, earthy, sophisticated and harmonious shade, but the significance of the color silver varies across cultures. The color silver has an element of mystery, and it is believed to purify people who wear it by draining negative energy. In some cultures, the color silver represents divine, transformational energy.

The meaning of the color silver can also denote affluence and honor because its metal counterpart is minted as money and worn as jewelry. People who wear silver are believed to be modern and elegant. In the past, silver was worn by royalty and other dignified members of a society, and silver remains a customary gift to give a respected couple on their 25th wedding anniversary. The term “silver tongued” came from the belief that a person could gain public speaking ability by wearing the color silver.

Whether in its natural metal form or a sparkly shade, silver will continue to have strong significance and different meanings to all types of people. The color silver is also believed to channel psychic energy and enhance the wearer’s intuitive powers. Meditating on the color silver beckons one to look within themselves to find the answer to any problem. Silver was also thought to have magical properties in the hands of witches and warlocks.