What Is a Cell Pointer in Microsoft Excel?

The cell pointer in Excel is the active cell or the selected cell and is highlighted by a bolder rectangle. The location of the cell pointer is listed below the tool bar to the left of the formula bar. By using the arrow keys on the keyboard or pointing and clicking on the desired cell, you can move the pointer.

If Excel’s default options have not been changed, completing the input of data or a sum into one cell and pressing enter will move the cell pointer down by one cell. If the user cannot find the cell pointer on the screen, pressing the home key will send the pointer to the first cell in the row. Pressing the home key while scroll lock is on will send it to the upper-left corner of the window, and pressing the ctrl and home keys simultaneously will send it back to the A1 cell.

Microsoft Excel has been the industry standard of spreadsheet software since 1993 and is available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple’s OSX. Spreadsheet software uses cells in rows and columns to organize data. Excel can insert graphs and tables and has macro capabilities with the use of Visual Basic language to enable complicated data calculations and manipulations.