What Animal Eats Frogs?

Alexander Torrenegra/CC-BY 2.0

Frogs fall prey to snakes, bullfrogs, owls, hawks, tarantulas, foxes, otters and even humans. In addition, some fish, insects and animals feed on frogspawn and tadpoles. Some frogs even eat other frogs. The American bullfrog, for example, doesn’t hesitate to eat members of its own species.

Frogs’ natural predators vary according to their habitats. In rain forests, their predators include reptiles such as snakes, monitor lizards and alligators; birds such as toucans, hornbills and eagles; and mammals such as monkeys, sloths and anteaters. In a freshwater habitat, herons, swans and wading birds, snakes, raccoons and opossums snack on adult frogs. When frogs enter the water, fish, turtles and other carnivorous frogs hunt them. Dragonflies, dragonfly nymphs and other insects, as well as animals that prey on adult frogs, eat frogspawn and tadpoles.