Are Zoos a Good or Bad Thing?

There are differing opinions about whether zoos are good or bad, but the most commonly accepted answer is that good zoos are a little of both as long as they promote conservation and animal welfare. There are also non-accredited zoos designed to make money, and these are usually bad.

Some animal rights supporters believe that all zoos are bad because they do not allow animals to experience a full, natural life. Animals in zoos typically live in much smaller habitats than they would in the wild, and this may cause them harm. Their exposure to humans and ability to smell and hear other animals may also cause them stress.

However, zoos play an important role in public education and the conservation of endangered species. Captive breeding programs keep some critically endangered species alive. Zoos also allow biologists to study endangered animals and learn valuable information that can help improve conservation efforts in the wild.

Being able to see wild animals up close inspires people to learn more about saving endangered species, and most zoos provide a variety of educational resources to promote conservation efforts. Zoos use these public outreach efforts to raise money for wild conservation programs. They develop safe tracking programs, veterinary interventions and other technology to study and support the health of wild populations.