What Zoos Are Dedicated to Pandas?


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Several zoos around the world are dedicated to pandas, including the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan, the San Diego Zoo in California and the Toronto Zoo in Canada. These facilities have either hosted the animals for long periods and/or participate in captive breeding programs.

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What Zoos Are Dedicated to Pandas?
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The Taipei Zoo has its Panda House, which welcomes visitors daily except for the first Monday of every month. To prevent overstressing the animals, only 400 people are allowed into the exhibit at a time at 10-minute intervals. Timed tickets are free and picked up at the zoo entrance. In August of 2014, the zoo held a birthday party for its two 10-year-old pandas, Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan.

The San Diego Zoo has had pandas on site since 1987. The newest arrival is Xiao Liwu, born at the zoo in July 2012. The young panda and its parents live in an enclosure with large trees, climbing structures and air-conditioned sleeping rooms. The zoo's Giant Panda Team is a collection of researchers and keepers who study the animals every day.

Panda female Er Shun and male Da Mao arrived at the Toronto Zoo in 2013. Canada signed an agreement with China to house the animals for a 10-year period, half in Toronto, the other half at the Calgary Zoo. If the breeding pair produces a baby panda, it will stay in Canada. The Toronto Zoo Board has plans for a panda conservation program and already has a Giant Panda Interpretive Centre on site.

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