What Are Some Facts About Zebras?


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Zebras grow to be between 4 and 5 feet tall at the shoulder and live in southern and eastern Africa. They dine on grass and leaves and they live in semi-deserts and grasslands.

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What Are Some Facts About Zebras?
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Zebras have excellent hearing and are members of the horse family. They can run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and baby zebras can walk 20 minutes after they're born.

When zebras come into contact with a predator, the whole herd sticks together with the strongest males staying at the back of the herd to protect the rest. Zebras have striped hair that confuses predators, especially when the herd sticks close together and no two zebras have the same stripe pattern.

A group of zebras is called a harem and zebras are very social animals. They mate year round and give birth to one baby after a 12- to 13-month gestation period. Baby zebras, called foals, are born with brown and white stripes, which gradually darken over time.

There are several different zebra species in the world today, including the Grevy's and mountain varieties. Unfortunately, their numbers are dwindling due to farming and ranching and zebras are often hunted for their skins. Droughts brought on by climate change are also threatening the world's zebras.

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