What Are Some Facts About the Zebra Bullhead Shark?


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The zebra bullhead shark grows up to 4 feet in length, has black or brown stripes on its body and lives in the subtropical waters of the western Pacific. It gets its name from its stripes and from the heavy bones over the eyes that give them a vaguely bull-like look.

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The zebra bullhead shark or Heterodontus zebra lives in the subtropics, particularly in the South China Sea and western Australia at a depth of 160 to 650 feet, often around reefs or insular shelves. This fish boasts two dorsal spines, a fin spine, two pectoral fins, an anal fin, prominent brow bones and a blunt head. It has a white or light brown color with at least a dozen brown or black stripes crossing vertically over its body. It preys on smaller fish and invertebrates that live on the ocean floor. It is also oviparous, which means it lays eggs, with the hatchlings being a mere 6 inches long.

There is little known about this species, especially its social, breeding and feeding behavior. Scientists do believe that they form groups. Although the zebra bullhead shark is harmless to human beings, human beings are a harm to it. It is caught in fishing nets and endangered because of loss of habitat.

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